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Wall-tent-wood-stove, the tms portable military camping wood stove is a great stove you can use to cook your everyday dinner or simply dry your gear in minutes, heat your shelter, or just warm your hands and feet at a cold winter’s night. it is therefore quite versatile in nature and in some ways safer than an open fire.. Also known as wall tent stoves, hunting stoves, barrel stoves or sheepherder stoves, these type of stoves have proved to be useful for a variety of reasons such as heating, cooking food, boiling water, and drying clothing/shoes. they are very durable and will last many years if treated properly., a larger and heavier wall tent stove is more appropriate for base camps and tent camping near a road. these heavier camping wood stoves are much more durable (1/8" steel) than the a lightweight wall tent stove. riley stoves has 5 lightweight camping wood stove models that will meet heating requirements in any tent size..

A wood burning tent stove only provides heat when you have a fire in it. for example, one stove company has a 1.6 cubic foot stove and states it has a 6-8 hours, impossible. another company has a 3.3 cubic feet stove with a stated burn time of 14- 16 hours, impossible., burning wood from near your wall tent camp has the convenience of not having to haul tanks or fuel, while being safer and more reliable than a propane or electric based system. the dry heat provided by a wood stove is perfect for drying out wet gear and decreasing humidity or condensation in your canvas wall tent..

The winnerwell woodlander tent stove is an easy to assemble stainless steel wood burning stove. it includes a removable hot plate cover so you can allow open flames to lick the bottom of the pot. this equates to more heat control when cooking. it also has a spark-arrestor, water tank, pipes, carrying bag, fireproof mat., this summer i made a wood stove for my 10x12 davis wall tent. 16ga metal - 12"x12"x18" w/ a 3" stove pipe earlier this week i used it up wyo and it burned for 4+ days straight..

The airtight outfitter stove is a great choice for heating your wall tent. when fully loaded with wood or coal it can provide overnight heat. the top cooking surface and door are made from 10 gauge steel and the body is made from 12 gauge steel. dimensions are 28″ long x 16″ wide x 23.5 ” high including the legs.