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Standard-height-of-32-inch-tv-from-floor, find the right height to mount your tv and ideal placement for the most comfortable viewing experience. the optimal height is centering the tv at eye level.. As a thumb rule, most architects and interior designers recommend mounting the television at least 42 inches above the floor. this can, of course, vary depending on the height of the seating. for instance, the correct height for tv in bedrooms will depend on how high or low the bed is so that it is at eye level when one is sitting or lying on the bed., flat screen mounting. determining the ideal height for your flat screen mounting isn’t as simple a proposition as you might think.. to discern the ideal height for mounting, you’ll need to understand several different aspects of the tv itself, including its size, the viewing distance, eye level height and the viewing angle..

As you can see in the table above, for every 5-inch increase in screen size, the tv-mounting height increases by 3 inches. the approximate viewing distance for each screen size is about the same, but it’s still good to measure to make sure that your seating setup falls into that range., the height will depend on the height of your fireplace mantel. if the mantel is less than four feet from the floor or your fireplace does not have a mantel, mount the screen around 12 inches above the mantel or fireplace itself..

My tv 40 inches. i sit in a sofa. would u please inform what is the height from florr i have to mount to wall tv. please…., 32 inch tall tv stand corner stands for flat screens ideas on.. tall stand for flat screen stands screens best buy cheap inch 32 height tv high,32 inch tall tv stand television corner standard height of from floor,32 inch height tv stand tall corner,32 tall tv stand high inch height stands entertainment centers living spaces,tall tv stand for 32 inch flat screen table sideboard completed ....

Increase the height from 42 to 48 or 53 inches on-center if viewing from a home bar. let’s say you’re looking to mount a flat-screen in a home bar to watch tv from stools rather than in a ..., ask 20 people how they mounted their flatscreen tvs and you’ll probably get 20 answers. find out the ideal viewing angle and height to get the most immersive television viewing experience..

Thanks for pointing out how an angle of 12.5 degrees from vertical is the usual angle that tvs are being mounted on your walls. my family has a pretty good posture overall, so i would think that our sitting eye level will be great at this angle.