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Can-i-paint-over-mold-on-drywall, as other posters are noting, the mold is very likely on the outside of the drywall as well. painting over it will not remove the mold, and if the area isn't properly ventilated on the outside (and it probably isn't) the mold will continue to grow. just painting over it will hide the problem for a year or two.. Painting over mold will only work on a permanent basis if you fix the source of the mold problem first. in addition, you need to purchase a mold killing paint rather than the resistant variety as this is the only way to deal with already existing mold., while you may wish you could just paint over mold, it’s not a safe solution to a serious problem. it may seem like an easy, fast, and inexpensive fix, but the truth is painting over mold simply hides the issue..

Ignoring the issue around your home will continue to cause you mold and mildew health problems. try as you might to hide it with a paint primer or mold/mildew resistant paint, mold always shows its ugly face again if the source and reason are not discovered and taken care of first., the most common method to hide mold is by simply painting over it which also happens to be the absolute worst method. unfortunately, this is exactly what most property managers, landlords and or homeowners do when they have mold on walls, ceilings, wood and or drywall..

We never recommend painting over mold, though, not even with anti-mold paint. that type of paint will resist the development of mold if applied to a clean, mold-free surface. however, it will not kill mold already on the surface, at least not completely., how to remove mold on drywall – unpainted. removing black mold from unpainted drywall is much tougher due to the fact that the mold can penetrate much deeper due to their being no protective barrier, but all is not lost and it definitely possible if you follow the steps discussed below:.

First use a roller, dip it in vinegar, (rice wine or apple cider) then you have to use a special lime paint over a quartz-stone primer. this will eliminate all mold permanently. it raises the alkalinity levels in the air so mold can't grow on it. share | improve this answer, do you want know what causes black mold growth on drywall? or how to remove mold on the paint or inside drywall? we've got tips and a removal guide..

Zinsser mold killing primer is a water based fungicidal protective coating that can be used to paint over all existing mold, mildew, moss, fungi, odor causing bacteria and any other fungal organisms.